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Open Happy Birthday Message to BETTY WHITE and JAMES EARL JONES

Happy Birthday Betty and James,

You both have inspired me. I started my career with CBS Television Network working on your shows as a publicist. (See the pictures of us together), and I’ll never forget your kindness.

Betty you are 99 today, and I heard you are celebrating the day feeding ducks. You may not remember this...but I do. On your first appearance on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show," I was walking with you and several other people to the stage door after an interview.

A female crew member came up to you holding a box with a baby bird who had fallen out of a tree. She knew you were a big animal lover, and asked you what to do. You melted on the spot touching the bird and deeply concerned even though you were about to be on one of the highest-rated shows, which is now a classic. The assistant director urged you to keep moving for your debut as you stood still trying to direct the crew member how to help the bird.

Years later, we were reunited when I was volunteering at the Los Angeles Zoo, and you were on the board. I will never forget your kindness, not only to animals…but to everyone like me who worked with you, and your kindness to strangers, like my husband Walter (pictured here too). Thank you for your love and light,

James you are 90 today. I will also never forget sitting in on an interview with you for the television show "Paris." The reporter asked if you knew people were intimidated by your booming Darth Vader voice in “Star Wars”? You told him that you knew they were, so when you meet people, you always are cautious and present a softer, gentler side. It’s true. I like the crew members, always were amazed that you are a gentle, giant Teddy Bear.

Dear, legendary stars, James and Betty,

You will both be remembered for your remarkable talents but especially for your kindness and compassion for others.

Thanks for the Memories.

Love, Light and Blessings

Janet Alston Jackson


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