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Better Relationships with
Self and Others

You Are Whole, Perfect and Complete

Lately we hear a lot about division in our great nation.

Political parties are definitely on opposite sides. Our views on gender equality, sexual preferences, and especially race have separated many of us as well. Even some of our friends and family members seem more divided due to the election.

However, focusing on these divisions only separates us from our true selves. We are not only angry at others, but filled with inner turmoil, and drowning in stress and anxiety.

Why? Because we can't change anyone, only ourselves. So we need to focus on what we can do to free ourselves from being held hostage by our frustrating thoughts and emotions. People are always going to do or say something we don't like, or even hate.

However, when you heal yourself, the people and situations around you change. You become more harmonious with others, despite their opinions that differ from yours.

This is called the law of attraction. We attract what we think about.

We are all energy. And when we are calm and peaceful, others feel our presence, and they resonate with that peace. However, trying to calm ourselves to change others will only sink you back into the hole, because you are focusing on them as a problem. Do it for your sanity!

And, if you are in a position to change things in the world for the better, you will then operate from your inner wisdom and power, and will truly make a difference. You can't make a change if you are sick and tired from stress.

How do I become calm when the world seems to be in upheaval?

By tapping into that part of you that is already whole, perfect and complete.

The small you may not feel that way. However, the larger you, whom some call the Universal Mind, the Higher Self, or God self, is never divided.

When you align with that side of you that is always present, you can find inner peace in the middle of chaos.

How? Meditate!

Mindful meditation is an easy way to connect with your Higher Self for peace, health, happiness, and for better communications with others.

No matter what is happening in our country, or around the world, you can still tap into the part of you that is perfect.

You will find tranquility, and know that you will always be OK despite what others do or say.

I just started a YouTube channel for meditations. Please subscribe. I will be uploading guided meditations often.


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