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Janet Alston Jackson


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Better Relationships with
Self and Others


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What I Do:

 I give transformational keynote Mindfulness speeches and teach Mindfulness in person and virtually to show how Mindfulness can help you navigate the fast-paced and often chaotic entertainment world.

 I'm a storyteller who connects the hearts and minds of individuals 

by sharing my two decades of experience as an entertainment industry publicist for ABC/Disney and CBS Television Networks.  


In addition to helping individuals in front of and behind the camera learn how to navigate the chaotic entertainment world mindfully, I coach and teach techniques to enhance creativity, concentration, and communication skills with others to thrive in the industry. 

I am passionate about working with entertainment industry professionals. They play a crucial role in enriching people's lives by creating stories, music, and games that make us laugh, cry, and feel all sorts of emotions to connect people and make this world a better place. 

Lights, Camera, Resilience:
Mindfully Overcoming Challenges to Thrive in the Entertainment Industry


My training helps you cultivate relationships, release stress, tap into creativity, and build resilience to thrive in the industry.

The world of entertainment is one of the most competitive industries. Whether you're an actor, writer, or director or work "behind the scenes" as crew or studio and network office workers, the industry is stressful. Spending endless hours on film or T.V. sets can produce strain and anxiety.


A growing body of research provides evidence that mindfulness practice can transform our lives, impacting us both personally and professionally. 


Practicing Mindfulness will help to:


  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Increase creativity

  • Communicate effectively for better relationships

  • Overcome rejection and setbacks

  • Focus: Handle deadlines with ease

  • Tap into your creative intuition for great ideas 

  • Handle the fast-paced, rapidly changing industry

  • Overcome fears and take risks




"Embracing the Now: 

Mindful Practices for Thriving in the Entertainment Industry”


”Balancing Act: Juggling Work and Personal Life in the

Entertainment Industry”


 "The Power of Collaboration: Fostering Strong Professional
Relationships in the Industry”


    My industry career includes working as a manager for ABC/Disney as the West Coast photo editor in charge of the network's image. I also headed West Coast publicity for CBS Television Network's daytime line-up. I've worked with iconic actors, producers, network and studio executives, directors, and the media, as well as photographers, wardrobe, and makeup artists.


My Broadcasts Journalism internship involved writing for KNX and CBS Radio News.

        I won The Hollywood Publicists Guild Award for promoting the hit series, "Twin Peaks," and the USA Book News Award for my book, "A Cry for Light: A Journey Into Love."


In addition to my International Mindfulness Teachers Association certification, I am a certified Heartmath coach and a Taking Flight with DISC trainer, helping people connect with others by understanding their behavioral styles. 

My love for training industry professionals stems from working on hundreds of episodes for classic shows including:
"Roseanne," "Full-House," "Mary Tyler Moore," Lou Grant," "The Jeffersons," "Knot's Landing," "The Wonder Years," "One Day at a Time," "Full House," "Good Times," "The Waltons," "Falcon Crest," “Rhoda," "The Carol Burnett Show," "The Young and Restless," "The Bold and Beautiful," "Circus of the Stars," "The Price is Right,'' "Pee-Wee's Playhouse," "All In the Family,""Family Matters," "The Young and the Restless," and "Bold and Beautiful." And working on award shows including:
"The Grammys," "The Emmys," "The People's Choice Awards” and the “Lucille Ball Tribute.”  





"The work environment continues to change across all industries.  It is essential to find healthy ways to maintain one’s stress and keep centered both at work and at home.  We are thankful for Janet’s seminar and found her ideas very helpful and useful."

 M.D. Human Resources Executive,
Univision Television Network


“Janet's philosophical gems have rescued me many times."

 ~Dan Bagott, 

former Media Relations copy editor

 CBS Television Network

"We have received near-unanimous positive responses from publicists who attended Janet's workshop. We certainly could benefit from a full-day seminar. This surely leads to greater professional success and personal happiness." 

Henri Bollinger, Five-term President of The Publicists Guild of America (celebrity publicists).  Founder and President of the Entertainment Publicists Professional Society.


"Janet is lovely, and inspiring!  She is such an influential guiding light to me.  I am beyond grateful to have this extraordinary woman in my life.

~Allison Semmes, starring as Diana Ross"
On Broadway and in "Motown, the Musical"  tour


"Ms. Jackson was the headline speaker at our Theatre and  Company.  The experience was positive and inspirational for all who were involved.  It was a win, win, situation for the actors, producers and the audience."
Sharon Graine, owner Playhouse TheatrePlayers


"Janet is the best! So grateful for her guidance."

Jill Lessard, Director of Operations, Community Media Center of Marin, Award-winning ABC Television publicist for "Ellen" series


"Janet Alston Jackson's pearls of wisdom have become glorious adornments for many a grateful mind, including my own."

LaGeris Underwood Bell

Emmy award-winning television producer

Bring Janet to Your Next Event:

(Virtual speeches and training  available)


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